July 10, 2023

10,000 Companies Employ Nearly 190K Employees in Whole Crypto Industry

Crypto Industry

Crypto Industry

A recent report by K33 Research found that there are around 190,000 employees who are working in the whole crypto industry at 10,000 companies with an estimated value of $180 billion.

K33 Research’s report, named “The Emerging Crypto Industry,” provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the entire global crypto industry, according to Bitcoin News.

K33 Research said that the number of employees is less than the number in 2021, which recorded nearly 211,000 crypto employees. According to the report, Asia and Australia account for 35% of the workforce in the crypto industry, while 30% of the whole crypto workers are residing in the United States.

The United Kingdom has one-third of the total crypto labor in Europe. North America, the United States, and Canada are the dominant forces in the crypto industry. While the crypto labor in South America is correlated with economy size.

As for Africa, K33 Research pointed out that 4% of the crypto workers are in Africa, highlighting that Nigeria is the crypto powerhouse of Africa, followed by South Africa. Regarding Asia, India was the leading country in terms of crypto employment, followed by China, surprisingly, despite the crypto ban.

The report showed that the investment and trading roles are representing the majority of crypto jobs, while around one-third of the current crypto workforce is employed by brokerage services or crypto exchanges.

Approximately, 40,000 people are working in the field of mining and blockchain intelligence positions, and around 12,000 others are in the field of NFTs and blockchain gaming sector. Nearly 48,500 positions are centered in financial services and additional 24,800 people have undefined roles.

It is worth mentioning that Bitcoin has hit above 50% of the whole crypto market cap, which means that its total value in the crypto market is more than half of $1.1 trillion (the total value of the crypto market). According to data from Coingecko, Bitcoin’s current market capitalization stands at more than $586.1 million.

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