April 27, 2023

60% of Businessmen in India Have Good Understanding of Metaverse

India Metaverse

India Metaverse

A recent report by PwC India showed that nearly 70% of business executives in India eye to integrating the metaverse in their companies’ activities, according to Hindustan Times newspaper.

In its report titled, “Our Take – Embracing the Metaverse,” PwC found that about 63% of the companies which use the metaverse already said they will fully embed the metaverse in their organizational activities within a year. Around 47% pointed out that this will take place in two to three years.

Also, more than 60% of the businessmen noted that they have a detailed or good understanding of the metaverse. At least 39% of PwC survey participants said that the metaverse would be a social platform for their company. Around 20% of the surveyed believe that it will revolutionize businesses and only 9% think that it is the next generation of the Internet.

In this regard, Partner – Digital and Emerging Technologies PwC India Ashootosh Chand pointed to the greatness of the metaverse’s potential as it can lead to exponential growth because it crosses beyond genders, geographies, and generations.

“Consumers are open to adopting new technologies and companies are investing heavily in the required infrastructure to leverage the metaverse. We can already see brands experimenting in the metaverse to delight their customers,” Chand noted.

For his part, Partner & Leader – Data & Analytics, PwC India Sudipta Ghosh said the metaverse empowers the organizations’ innovation to meaningfully interact with their consumers, employees, and their ecosystems.

Moreover, 13% of the companies in India showed interest in offering training programs in the metaverse, while 11% said that they tend to use the metaverse as a tool to create new communities.

PwC survey saw the participation of 150 people from different regions in India from various genders, roles, age groups, and the companies they work for.

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