January 24, 2023

About 70% Bet Metaverse To Reshape Social Lifestyle – Survey

About 70% Bet Metaverse To Reshape Social Lifestyle – Survey Featured Image


Around 69% of people bet that the metaverse would reshape their social lifestyle with a new approach to entertainment, according to a recent survey.

CoinWire conducted a survey from December 15 to 26, 2022 where it asked more than 10,000 investors in the crypto industry about the users’ sentiments about the impact of the metaverse on them in all areas of social life, according to Coin Telegraph.

According to the survey, 65% of the participants said that the metaverse would offer new forms of social activities, while 61.2% of the surveyed believed that it would impact the financial sector. Around 50% have sentiments that the virtual space would affect businesses and 45% for the educational sector.

Despite the turbulent markets witnessed by the crypto and Web3 industry, prospects and efforts are continuing to develop the metaverse. The report pointed to a surprising number achieved by Microsoft, which released 158 metaverse-related patents over the past five years, exceeding tech giants like Meta, Tencent and Epic Games.

As for the Web3 gaming mass adoption, the majority of investors worldwide (78%) think that the “Play-to-earn” term is the most commonly used for describing Web3 games, while 67% of the investors describe them as crypto games.

The 78% of the investors that the risk of speculation is the major reason for the traditional gaming companies’ hesitation to reject blockchain and NFT due to design problems in the economics of digital games. However, the report mentioned that 67% of investors globally expect that traditional game publishers will be highly interested in Web3 gaming in the future.

Regarding Web3 evolution, CoinWire asked 7,126 crypto investors if they had heard about the term Web3. About 90% of worldwide investors have often heard or heard a lot about Web3. Also, 88.22% of Middle Easterns often heard or heard a lot about Web3.

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