October 16, 2022

Ajman Provides Metaverse-Based Services



The Ajman’s Department of Finance (ADF) in the UAE announced the launch of a unified government payment platform on the metaverse.

The announcement was made by the Ajman Government during its participation in Gitex Global, a gathering of giant tech groups and start-ups at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Through the Ajman Payment Platform (AjmanPay), the first government payment platform on the Metaverse, all fees for the local government agencies’ services in Ajman will be collected in the virtual world.

The move comes within a framework of the ADF’s strategy to shift to digital transformation in Ajman through providing new payment methods, which are appropriate for the customers and giving distinguished user experience in line with the highest levels of ease, comfort, and safety.

In this regard, ADF Director-General Marwan Ahmed Al Ali said the launch of the department’s services is an important step on the path of digital transformation by introducing creative technical solutions and payment methods that seek to serve customers and contribute to improving the quality of life in Ajman.

AjmanPay aims to make payments easier and more flexible by helping categories of customers to settle their payments in multiple ways.

Moreover, the department launched a metaverse-based service, called Tawreed, which facilitates the registering and renewal processes for suppliers in Ajman in addition to participating in bids and tracking their activities.

Not only did ADF enter the metaverse, but the Ajman Police also joined the virtual world, marking the first police agency to provide its services to customers on the metaverse.

During its participation in Gitex Global, the Ajman Police General Command announced the ‘Request for Sponsorship’ service, through which citizens could communicate with the police remotely.

Several government bodies and agencies in the UAE began to launch a set of services on the metaverse with the aim of reaching citizens easier and providing immersive experiences to them.

Over the past few years, the UAE, especially Dubai, has positioned itself as one of the world’s prominent hubs for metaverse and blockchain technologies.

The Emirati government, in July, launched the Dubai Metaverse Strategy, which aims to contribute $4 billion to the emirate’s economy. The strategy targets increasing the number of blockchain and metaverse companies fivefold within five years as well as offering 40,000 virtual jobs.

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