June 19, 2023

Alethea AI Launches iNFTs, ChatGPT, CharacterGPT V2 Integrated

Alethea AI

Alethea AI

Artificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI) also known as Alethea AI is expected to launch a revolutionary type of NFTs, making them more intelligent and interactive, according to NFT Evening.

Alethea AI introduced NFTs integrated a wide of AI capabilities, launching a new set of them, called “intelligent NFT or iNFTs.” The AI-powered NFTs are fused with an Intelligence Pod, which provides several AI services, including personality creation, real-time conversations with creators, Generative Art creation, custom video creation, and the development of human-like personalities.

To get their NFTs powered by AI, owners should use an Intelligence Pod from Alethea AI’s collection of 10,000 AI assets through a process called Open Fusion. Through Open Fusion, ChatGPT and CharacterGPT V2 are integrated.

In this regard, CEO and Co-founder of Alethea AI Arif Khan said he is excited about the potential of integration of technologies of AI with the blockchain, noting: “The intersection of Generative AI and Blockchain technology opens the door for interactive consumer experiences that can delight creators and owners of NFTs.”

In general, the NFTs should be compatible with Alethea AI’s iNFT standard and guidelines of the AI Protocol. INFTs are the creators of new AI Assets through dApps as anyone can build a dApp and provide AI services using an iNFT.

Earlier in 2021, Alethea AI collaborated with auction house Sotheby’s and artist Robert Alice to create the first GPT-3 powered iNFT in the world, which was called Alice. It was sold for nearly $500,000.

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