November 3, 2022

Amira Sijwani Uses NFTs To Make Revolution in Real Estate

Amira Sijwani

Amira Sijwani

Over the past period, NFTs played a big role in the real estate sector. The NFT influence extended and reached the Arab region as several officials at Arab real estate firms begin to realize the importance of this technology. 

Among the most prominent figures who realized the important role that this technology can play in the real estate field is Amira Sijwani, the managing director of sales and development at DAMAC Properties. 

Who Is Amira Sijwani? 

Sijwani is an Emirati entrepreneur, who graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and specialized in project management for construction. She received a master’s degree from LSE. 

The daughter of Hussain Sajwani, the CEO of DAMAC Properties, paid attention to the real estate sector at a very young age. She assumed many posts at her father’s company until she became the managing director of sales and development at DAMAC. 

Sijwani and NFTs 

In light of the ongoing developments that the NFTs witnessed, Sijwani paid great attention to the NFTs when they largely begin to spread in the past year. She made use of her information about NFTs and invested in a number of interesting NFT projects. 

She believes that this technology has many benefits in many fields, from art to entertainment to real estate.

How Do NFTs Impact Real Estate Sector? 

Sijwani sees that blockchain technology, on which the NFTs depend, would revolutionize the real estate field. On more than one occasion, she asserted that by working in a decentralized environment, no single entity would have the power. Blockchain transactions eliminate the need for intermediaries, allowing faster access to key data, improving customer experience, increasing productivity, and lowering overall costs.

Briefly, this technology has the potential to make real estate transactions more visible and transparent to sellers and buyers alike, according to her. 

Practical Application 

In light of Sijwani’s positive vision of the role which could be played by blockchain-based applications, her company announced its intention to invest $100 million in the metaverse. 

This investment comes within a framework of DAMAC officials to achieve their goals, represented in becoming a leading digital brand not only in the Arab world but in the whole world.

Futuristic Vision 

Sijwani expects that people could purchase properties using cryptocurrencies with few buttons on their smartphones. She believes that the process of handling real estate would be faster and simpler due to blockchain technology and its many advantages, related to security, decentralization, speed of performance, and others.

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