December 6, 2022

Amirta Sethi.. British Citizen Got UAE Golden Visa Thanks To NFTs

Amirta Sethi

Amirta Sethi

A large number of global artists succeeded in entering the NFT market in the Arab world and earned great fame in it. 

Among the most significant names that broke into the Arab digital market is the renowned British artist Amrita Sethi. In the following lines, we will review Sethi’s story of success in the Arab digital market. 

Who Is Amrita Sethi? 

Sethi is a British citizen of Indian origin. Born and raised in Kenya, she lived in Switzerland, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and the UK before settling in Dubai in 2007.

She received a Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Manchester in 2002 and a master’s degree in development economics from the same university in 2003. 

She obtained a Certificate for Financial Advisers (CeFA), Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law from The London Institute of Banking & FinanceThe London Institute of Banking & Finance in 2006. 

Sethi also received a certificate in digital from the University of the Arts in London in 2018. 

Her Career

Sethi started her career by working in the field of economics and assumed positions at global banks and financial services companies, such as HSBC, Barclays, Zurich Insurance, and others. 

She left this domain after working in it for more than 15 years then she started her artistic career. Her decision did not come in a vacuum, but she had a passion for art since she was young. 

In an interview with Forbes Magazine, she said that she was into art since childhood but she fell madly in love with economics and when she achieved great success in economics, she wanted to do the same thing in art. 

Voice Note Art

After she broke into the art domain, Sethi quickly made a name for herself by embracing a multimedia art form, known as Voice Note Art or SoundBYTE. 

Sethi first records a voice note, for example, a city/ person/ feeling, etc, and captures the fluid shape and structure of the sound wave. Then she draws each vertical line into individual images that encapsulates the beauty, spirit, and essence of that voice note. When it’s complete, it magically combines the artwork with the shape of the sound to create new SoundBYTE art.

In 2018, she recorded her voice, saying Dubai, and drew the soundwave, showcasing the emirate’s skyscrapers and landmarks. 

She is keen to draw cities and landmarks in this way as well as the crucial moments in people’s lives. She told CNN that she wanted to capture the human awareness and emotion that comes from hearing a word or phrase and then present it in a more abstract form.

Such art dominated people’s imagination, especially in Dubai, where she lives. Within a few months after abandoning economics, Sethi won the Best Outstanding Award at World Art Dubai in 2019. 

Since then, she has created paintings based on the art of voice notes for a range of clients, including celebrities and world leaders, such as Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. 

Her Accession to NFTs 

Sethi was keen on joining the NFT world in the early stage as she became the first NFT artist in the UAE. She combined the voice note art with the NFTs, a matter which pushed media outlets like CNN and Forbes to shed light on this new type of art. 

She achieved a wide reputation in the NFT world. She obtained the Golden visa in Dubai in recognition of her contributions to the digital art market in the UAE. 

She draw the World’s 1st Augmented Reality (AR) NFT mural at the Dubai International Financial Centre. Sales of Sethi’s NFTs reached about half a million dollars at the time of writing. 

Her Most Significant NFTs

Sethi launched NFT collectibles on various marketplaces, which mainly depended on voice note art. Among these most remarkable NFTs is her first 3D waveform Voice Note Art concept, “What The NFT?!” (WTNFT?!), which was sold for $102,000. 

She launched the Places NFT collection, which includes a group of drawings, through which many places and cities around the world were embodied, such as Dubai, New York, London, Paris, and others.

How Does Sethi Look to NFTs? 

Sethi succeeded in using technology in achieving a boom from the physical world to the digital world through the NFTs. She believes that this promising phenomenon will make people understand the digital market more in general. 

She sees that NFTs are a good way to introduce coding and blockchain technologies. Although some experts predict that the current popularity of NFTs is a short-lived bubble, Sethi believes that they have the potential to revolutionize the art world.

You can follow Amirta Sethi’s official accounts on social media via these links:

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