February 15, 2023

App Allows Creating NFTs through AI

App Allows Creating NFTs through AI Featured Image

Solvo, a European crypto start-up, launched its official app, which includes several features, topped by creating NFTs using Artificial Intelligence (AI), according to the Metaverse Post website.

The app aims to be a user-friendly gate for non-crypto users to join the crypto world and build their knowledge about cryptocurrencies in an easy way to understand.

It offers three products, mainly creating NFTs using a generative AI. Those who want to create their personalized NFTs describe the type of image they want or upload or take the photo. Solvo seeks to facilitate the process of creating, owning, and minting an NFT to attract more NFT artists to the crypto world.

In this regard, Solvo Founder and CEO Ayelen Denovitzer said: “At Solvo we care about simplifying the journey and AI is a technology that allows a smoother NFT creation process. Through very few steps, people can own their very first personalized NFT in the Solvo App. Our first milestone is allowing users to create and hold their very first NFT and we’re very excited about it.”

The AI-generated NFTs could be minted for free on the Optimism NFT marketplace. Denovitzer elaborated that the app would take the users’ NFTs to their preferred marketplace to sell them, pointing out that in the future, the users can buy and sell their digital collectibles within the Solvo app.

For ensuring security, Solvo teamed up with Fireblocks, a platform that creates new blockchain-based products and manages day-to-day digital asset operations.

The remaining two products are Bundles, which allows users to invest in blue-chip crypto projects, DeFi, or metaverse and gaming in their preferred sector, and Vaults, which allows users to deposit FIAT and choose among their preferred tokens, such as ADA, NEAR, and MATIC.

The app is now available for users of the App Store in the European Union and the UK. Users can also transfer money to any place worldwide and deposit and withdraw BTC and ETH in addition to depositing GBP and EUR through open banking and bank transfer.

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