January 10, 2023

Apple Set to Reveal Its VR Headset This Spring

Apple VR headset

Apple VR headset

Apple is expected to reveal its mixed reality headset this spring and deliver it to consumers by the autumn of this year.

Apple’s first headset is not a new project as the US tech giant aimed to get the headsets to market in 2019, but a series of postponements from 2019 to 2022 hampered the project to come to light. But the company seeks to show it this spring before the annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June, according to Bloomberg.

Called Reality Pro, Apple’s predicted headset would run on the xrOS operating system, which is dedicated to the AR and VR platforms. XrOS will be the name of the device’s operating system in the public, while inside the company it is dubbed “Borealis”. Bloomberg said that Reality Pro was shared with high-profile software developers for testing and to work on its third-party apps.

Reality Pro

Apple is still working on introducing features related to hardware, software and services in the device. The new headset will be similar to other headsets in the market, like Oculus Quest of Meta, but Apple tries to make it in a glossy design and a lightweight build to ensure comfort.

Reality Pro is anticipated to have two high-resolution micros OLED displaying up to 3,000 pixels per inch and an extra display at the side for peripheral vision to give an immersive experience for its users. According to MacRumors.com, Apple is also integrating more than a dozen of cameras into the headset to follow gestures and hand movements to create more than one tracking method along with eye tracking.

The company has already entered the world of mixed, virtual, and augmented reality by letting users of iOS and iPadOS operating systems do various activities. But the new headset represents Apple’s announcement to enter a competition with Meta in the field.

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