January 25, 2023

Arab Artist Urges To Share Information about NFTs

Arab Artist Urges To Share Information about NFTs Featured Image

Manal Mohamed, a Syrian artist, and calligrapher, started her journey in the NFT world in 2022 from traditional art to digital one and published her artworks on the NFT marketplaces of OpenSea and UPYO.

In an interview with her via podcast, Mohamed hailed UPYO’s idea of launching a series of podcasts, which gives an opportunity for all NFT artists to introduce themselves and their digital art.

After hearing about the NFTs in late 2022, she began to transform her traditional art into NFTs and educated herself on digital art. Then she began to release digital collectibles on UPYO and OpenSea.

Regarding the Arab NFT industry, Mohamed said that the industry in the Arab world is still in the building phase, saying many people still do not believe in the power of cryptocurrencies and NFTs but there are some Arabs who began to make a profit from them. She pointed out that it is a matter of time to gain wide popularity, adding Arab NFT projects could lure foreign investors in the future.

Asking her about advice she could give to other artists who are hesitating to enter the NFT world, the Kuwait-based artist asserted the importance of getting educated about this field and asking those who entered this world before to benefit from their expertise.

As for factors that attract investors to invest in Arab NFTs, she affirmed that steps are being currently taken in this regard like sharing information through Twitter spaces like what UPYO does, which raises awareness about this field among people.

She rolled out holding big NFT galleries like what Orlando Museum of Art announced about showcasing some NFTs for the first time, expecting the Arab world is now witnessing simple NFT galleries and it needs time to achieve progress.

UPYO is one of the first Arab platforms in the NFT, which will one of the founders of the world of NFTs in the Arab region.

She supported the suggestion proposed by Amr Bogari about NFT gallery in the real world with the participation of different Arab artists.

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