December 22, 2022

Argentina’s AFA Forays in Metaverse with Upland

AFA in Metaverse

AFA in Metaverse

After claiming the title of the World Cup 2022, the Argentine Football Association (AFA) secured a footprint in the virtual space after signing a licensing agreement with Upland to join the metaverse.

According to Coin Telegraph, the agreement will take AFA’s Liga Profesional de Fútbol (LPF) to Upland’s metaverse platform to enhance interaction between football fans and the association’s teams and players.

The new experience also includes turning LPF teams, players, clubs, highlights of games, and historical moments into digital collectibles, in addition to the exclusive ownership of highlight videos of LPF matches to be turned into NFTs, a new source of income for AFA.

Under the deal, Upland will help the owners of these NFTs to set up their businesses by reselling their digital collectibles at user-owned and operated shops located on virtual properties. This will make the Upland metaverse a digital environment for creating digital assets and digital land ownership as a virtual economy.

In a press release, the Silicon Valley-based firm said: “Upland is pleased to bring The Argentine Football Association (AFA) to the Metaverse. We’re excited to expand the realm of Football Legits so that fans, collectors and players from across the globe will soon have gamified football digital collectibles that include your favorite teams, clubs, players, tickets, and in-game video footage.”

Upland’s agreement with the Argentinian association follows its deals with the FC Porto football team of Portugal and FIFA. The latter agreement with FIFA allowed football fans around the world to collect, own, and trade NFTs of legendary video highlights from the World Cup games, a deal that makes the fans grasp the functions of metaverse and Web 3.0.

All 32 World Cup teams had digital country crests, shirts, boots, posters, logos, and team mascots featured in Upland. Through Upland metaverse, fans bought virtual buildings decorated with flags of their favorite teams.

It is obvious that the world of sports engaged more in the crypto scene recently. Teams like McLaren and Red Bull Racing explored their opportunities in the Web 3.0 world and NFTs. The Don Cristiano Ronaldo partnered with Binance to release a galaxy of NFT collections in a multiyear deal.

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