May 23, 2023

Bahraini Institute Partners with Binance To Offer Educational Content for Graduates

Binance, Reboot01

Binance, Reboot01

The world’s leading crypto exchange academy, Binance Academy, collaborated with Reboot01, an on-campus coding institute in Bahrain, to offer educational opportunities in the fields of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and jobs for Reboot01 graduates.

According to this partnership, Reboot01 students will benefit from Binance Academy’s educational platform, given that the academy provides a variety of educational resources covering many topics, including blockchain, cryptocurrency, and Web3, including articles, guides, videos, and glossary entries, which are appropriate with different interests and skills, Binance said in a press release, according to Cointelegraph.

The two parties will establish joint research projects and launch a programming marathon in addition to planning to debut courses at the Reboot 01 campus under the supervision of blockchain developers at Binance. Reboot Institute 01’s curriculum will include the development of smart contracts, the creation and management of cryptocurrency and NFT wallets, as well as technical Web 3.0 applications.’

Reboot01 graduates will have the opportunity to be specialized in the domains they prefer in blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

In this regard, General Manager Binance Bahrain Tameem Al Moosawi said: “We are pleased to announce signing an agreement with Reboot Coding Institute to increase Web3 and blockchain literacy for more users. We look forward to seeing the continued growth and prosperity of Bahrain as one of the leading global hubs for crypto asset activities. Being a leader in the blockchain infrastructure space, we believe that one of the best forms of consumer protection is user education. We commend Reboot Coding Institute for facilitating this program to enhance the knowledge in the blockchain and crypto space.”

Meanwhile, Managing Director of Reboot Coding Institute Yanal Jallad noted that the partnership with Binance Academy will enrich the institute’s graduates’ information about blockchain and crypto, make them understand the crypto market, and allow them to benefit from internship opportunities.

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