October 3, 2022

Bahraini Premier League To Launch Its NFT Collection

Bahraini Premier League

Bahraini Premier League

The Bahrain Football Association signed a partnership agreement with Zamzam, the first Arab Sharia-compliant cryptocurrency, on launching the first non-fungible tokens collection, set to be allocated for the Nasser bin Hamad Premier League.

The first-of-its-kind agreement in the Middle East was signed by President of the Bahrain Football Association Sheikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa and Hamed Fakhro, ZamZam’s founder and CEO.

Under this deal, the first NFT collection for an Arab football league will be launched in addition to setting up an NFT collection for the Bahraini teams participating in the league.

According to the agreement, Zamzam will present NFT prizes during the league’s matches, including the best player of the round or best goalkeeper of the round award. These awards will be handed over to the players as NFTs.

In this regard, Sheikh Ali said, quoted by Arab sources, that Bahrain is pioneering country in various domains, topped by sports, adding inking this first-of-its-kind deal makes the Bahraini Premier League the first football competition to give such awards to players and audience, a matter which reflects the Kingdom’s leading position in the sports sector.

Sheikh Ali pointed out that the agreement would give momentum to the Nasser bin Hamad Premier League and encourage the Bahrainis to come back to the stadiums to support their beloved teams and get NFT prizes, which will be announced soon.

“Our main goal is to increase the attendance rates for the matches in the league and improve the level of the Bahraini league in general,” he concluded.

The new project comes as a part of a series of distinguished projects launched by Bahrain in the metaverse world, including the expected launch of the Middle East’s first sports NFT collection in Bahrain related to combat.

Zamzam coin, the first Arab Sharia-compliant cryptocurrency, was created in November of last 2021. The Zamzam coin market for NFTs is also the first Arab-Islamic market dedicated to Islamic NFTs around the world, which was launched in May 2022.

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