January 29, 2023

Batelco, Ericsson Implements 1st Blockchain-based Solution in Bahrain

Batelco, Ericsson Implements 1st Blockchain-based Solution in Bahrain Featured Image

The Bahrain Telecommunication Company, Batelco, collaborated with Ericsson to deploy the Ericsson Customer Acceptance (ECA) platform, an enterprise blockchain-based solution for the automated collection of acceptance records upon fulfillment of agreed project deliverables.

In a press release, Ericsson elaborated that its acceptance platform decreases the time spent on acceptance-related activities per site by up to 42%, therefore, it accomplishes faster time-to-market with accuracy.

“ECA also simplifies the process by providing a single interface for submitting and approving acceptance documents and displaying the real-time status of every acceptance item submitted to the platform. Combined with other services and software capabilities, ECA also helps reduce CO2 emissions by removing the need for on-site customer visits to complete the acceptance process,” Ericsson added.

Batelco General Manager Technology Rashed Mohamed said Batelco will be the first company in Bahrain that applies the first telecommunication service, adding the blockchain offers the integrity of acceptance documentation and enables transparency and traceability between the parties involved.

Meanwhile, Head of Ericsson GCC at Ericsson Nicloas Blixell pointed out that the ECA targets providing speed, accuracy, sustainability, and efficiency to the operations between Ericsson and our customers. It enhances trust, adds immutability and security, and provides full traceability end-to-end, looking forward to implementing such blockchain-based solutions to drive innovation and customer satisfaction.

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