March 9, 2023

BIBF Becomes 1st Bahraini Educational Institute on Metaverse

BIBF Becomes 1st Bahraini Educational Institute on Metaverse Featured Image

The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) announced that it would launch its campus on the metaverse, marking the first educational institute in the Kingdom to embrace the metaverse.

The virtual platform aims to offer a comprehensive and captivating learning experience for BIBF students and professionals in the financial and business sectors, according to the Bahraini News Agency (BNA).

Serving as a “holistic platform,” BIBF metaverse will enhance the collaboration among its students to promote innovation. It is worth mentioning that the BIBF metaverse is fully designed and developed by Bahraini talents.

The launch of the metaverse-based platform will happen in two stages; the first phase, which had been implemented, concentrates on setting up the BIBF infrastructure along with certain facilities, while the second phase will include launching the auditorium and classrooms in which live sessions will be held.

In this regard, BIBF’s Director Ahmed Al Shaikh said launching the campus on the metaverse aims to offer professors and students revolutionary learning experiences to prepare them for the challenges in the future.

“Learning through technology is a key part of the BIBF’s vision, with a clear focus on using both VR and the metaverse to strengthen and diversify education and training through relational and immersive experiences. The technology will engage students in a new and unique form, providing an opportunity to access live, virtual classrooms with other students from across the world,” Shaikh noted.

Meanwhile, BIBF’s Chief Operations Officer Ahmed Naeemi described the launch of BIBF metaverse as a significant milestone in the Bahraini business sector, asserting that this innovative platform will make a revolution in teaching and learing business in the Kingdom, especially in the banking and finance fields.

BIBF, earlier, entered the Web3 world by collaborating with Binance Academy, Binance’s educational arm, to upskill those who are interested in blockchain and crypto.

Under this collaboration, the two bodies will cooperate on offering a variety of training, workshops, participatory programming, and events for professionals and students looking for jobs in blockchain and crypto.

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