February 21, 2023

Binance Builds Stronger Ties between Sports Teams, Fans

Binance Builds Stronger Ties between Sports Teams, Fans Featured Image

Binance Fan Token Program

World’s leading crypto exchange Binance will help fans to engage more with their sports teams to the extent of having dinner with them, according to Cointelegraph.

Binance announced a new update to its fan token platform, which allows fans to gather points and redeem them with a variety of rewards. These rewards include tickets to games, access to meet and greets, and video clips from their favorite players, in addition, they can take part in exclusive dinners with the athletes.

Fans can collect points by participating in fan token activities such as completing tasks and voting in polls. The more participation of fans, the more points they get and the better rewards they get.

In this regard, Head of NFT and Fan Tokens at Binance Lisa He said the fan tokens are the future of engagement, noting the new update will work on strong relations between sports teams and athletes and their fans.

According to Lisa He, Fan tokens allow sports fans to feel more connected to their favorite sports teams by allowing them to have access to exclusive offers and have a voice in team decisions for the club.

Indeed, the platform was successful after making thousands of fans meet their favorite players from various clubs like Santos FC, Porto, and SS Lazio.

Recently, Binance is trying to be closer to its community to gain their loyalties. It launched a new feature through which its users can provide the company with feedback and comments in a long-lasting and dynamic way.

Binance’s users can even provide suggestions and ideas for product improvements, as this new tool comes as a part of a multi-phase project to enable the leading exchange to take part in its product roadmap. Binance’s main goal for this feature is to gather its community to suggest new features that it wants to see implemented on the exchange.

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