December 27, 2023

Binance Launches AI-powered Web3 Gaming Platform

Binance Sleepless AI

Binance Sleepless AI

Binance has recently launched Sleepless AI as the 42nd project on its Launchpool. Sleepless AI is a gaming platform that integrates web3 and AI technologies to offer an innovative and interactive gaming experience.

The platform allows users to play games and interact with AI-based features while gaming. Starting tomorrow, users can stake BNB, FDUSD, and TUSD to earn AI tokens over a seven-day period.

After that, the AI tokens can be traded on Binance starting from January 4. Several trading pairs will be available, including AI/BTC and AI/USDT.

The total supply of AI tokens is one billion, out of which 70 million are designated for Launchpool rewards. This distribution is an essential part of Binance’s strategy to encourage participation in the new gaming platform.

The platform provides interactive and personalized gaming experiences by using AI technology. Users can unstake their funds at any time and switch between different available pools. Besides, Binance’s BNB Vault and Locked Products will support Launchpool. It means that staked BNB in these products can participate in the Launchpool, and users can earn rewards automatically.

BNB has experienced a significant increase in the market as the token price went up to $296, marking its highest price in the past six months. The altcoin has increased by over 11% today and 17.5% in the last week.

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