November 21, 2022

Binance Offers NFT Certificates after Completing Free Crypto Courses



Binance, one of the biggest crypto platforms, announced offering free courses online to educate crypto users on cryptocurrency, blockchain, Web 3, and the metaverse.

Through Binance Academy, the courses come under the title of “Binance Learn & Earn.” Binance and non-Binance users can complete the courses. But it is free of charge for Binance users, according to Bitcoinist.

The Beginner Track consists of courses, which are covering the fundamentals of the crypto world and blockchain, decentralization, Web 3.0 and metaverse, and trading and investment strategies. The intermediate and advanced levels will be available in the future.

The initial phase of the learning program is now available on Binance Academy’s website, which is “Blockchain Fundamentals.”

After completing the Beginner Track and quizzes, users will obtain one NFT certificate. The courses are only available in English, however, they will be available in other languages in the coming weeks.

In this regard, Binance Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer He Yi asserted the importance of empowering builders and creators in the crypto world as they shape its future, adding the blockchain industry is at its beginning as concepts like NFTs and metaverse are coined.

“Binance, the industry leader, bears great responsibility for education and we will continue to push innovation through education,” He Yi noted.

Millions of users viewed or read Binance Academy’s learning courses, in which it cooperated with well-known names in the education domain, such as Harvard, Oxford, and MIT.

Binance’s move comes within a framework to pay more attention and focus on empowering the community as a whole above everything else, along with Binance’s Recovery Fund for crypto projects facing liquidity crises.

Those who are interested can register from this link:

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