December 25, 2022

Bitcoin Becomes Most-Searched Cryptocurrency Worldwide in 2022



Bitcoin (BTC), currently trading at $16,809.10, topped the 10 cryptocurrencies searched on Google in 2022, as it saw 28,410,000 global searches every month, according to Coin Edition.

Coin Telegraph, in an article, presented the top five cryptocurrencies searched on Google, saying that many cryptocurrencies withstood the collapse of FTX in November, while other cryptocurrencies like Terra Luna have collapsed.

In the US only, Bitcoin was searched 4,570,000 times on Google each month. These high figures are attributed to the growing interest in cryptocurrency compared to others, according to experts. Over the past 12 months, internet users were searching for how to buy Bitcoin not to sell it.

Dogecoin (DOGE), Elon Musk’s favorite meme coin, came in second place with 5,850,000 searches worldwide in 2022. Musk’s purchase of Twitter and his hints about integrating DOGE payments in Twitter pushed internet users to search for the meme-cryptocurrency in addition to being listed on Robinhood, a US-based commission-free trading platform.

Shiba Inu coin, SHIB, grabbed the third spot with 4.43 million searches globally in 2022, however, it came in second place, preceding DOGE, in google searches in the US, with 1.29 million searches and 729,000 for DOGE. Searches for SHIB grew due to, a crypto exchange platform, which holds 20% of its reserves in SHIB. CEO Kris Marszalek attributed the increasing SHIB reserves to customer buying.

Ethereum, which lost 67% of its value year to date (YTD) was down in fourth place with 3.84 million monthly searches worldwide in 2022. While Cardano gained 1.47 million global searches in 2022, making it the fifth-most googled cryptocurrency worldwide, followed by XRP, Safemoon, and Avalanche, respectively.

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