July 12, 2023

BMW Motorrad Offers Metaverse Experience For Its New CE 02



BMW Motorrad, the motorcycle brand and division of German automobile manufacturer BMW, launched a new metaverse experience, called MetaRide, for an immersive experience of motorcycling in the virtual world. 

According to NFT Evening, MetaRide will offer a captivating experience for its users to ride the new BMW CE 02 electric motorcycle in the metaverse, marking a milestone in the motorcycling industry. To enhance the user experience, MetaRide features a set of interactive activities such as virtual basketball and token collection.

When motorcycle enthusiasts join MetaRide, they can earn stylish jackets for their avatars, giving them more push to try the new electric motorbike comfortably from their homes. 

BMW Motorrad MetaRide can be accessed via the Spatial Metaverse platform

The new BMW CE 02 represents a new way of accessing BMW Motorrad. According to BMW, it’s neither an e-motorbike nor an e-scooter. It is an eParkourer, on which large wheels meet the demand for robustness and at the same time, ensure riding fun on many terrains.

In December, the German automaker teamed up with BNB Chain, Binance’s blockchain arm, and blockchain infrastructure platform Coinweb to introduce a blockchain-based loyalty program for its customers in Thailand. 

The integration of blockchain technology into BMW’s operations will be done in two phases. The first phase includes integrating the blockchain-based loyalty program into BMW’s daily operations to automate time-consuming manual processes and facilitate the carmaker’s financing services.

Under the second phase, Coinweb will launch a web3 application for BMW’s customer loyalty program. Through the application, blockchain-based rewards will be given to customers to incentive them. These loyalty rewards, which the customers received, will determine their status and tier in the ecosystem.

The rewards recipients can purchase goods and services from BMW through their rewards using the BNB Chain of Binance to settle their transactions.

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