February 17, 2023

China To See 1st BSIM Card Later This Year



China will witness the launch of the blockchain-enabled SIM cards known as BSIM, this year through a partnership between China Telecom and blockchain protocol Conflux Network.

In a press release, Conflux said the SIM cards will be the largest blockchain hardware product in the world ever. China Telecom, which is considered the second-biggest telecom operator in China with over 390 million, is supposed to roll out the BSIM pilot program in Hong Kong in 2023.

The telecom operator plans to launch them in different locations in Mainland China, like Shanghai.

“BSIM will dramatically lower the barrier to entry to Web3 for China Telecom’s 390+ million mobile phone subscribers while making transactions faster and more secure. By making telecom users’ personal digital assets more secure, the goal is to make mobile phones more secure,” Conflux noted in a press release.

BSIM is different from traditional SIM cards in enabling optimal system performance for any blockchain through the integration of technologies of dual proof of stake (PoS), proof of work (PoW), and Tree-graph. In addition, it offers protection of users’ private keys as it features hardware security benefits.

The BSIM Card is indistinguishable from a traditional SIM in appearance, however, BSIM’s storage space is 10-20 times bigger than the traditional one, and the computing power is boosted tens of times. BSIM card allows users to safely store digital assets, transfer their digital assets conveniently, and display their assets in different applications.

Meanwhile, CTO of Conflux Network Ming Wu said: “The BSIM card significantly improves the user experience and lowers the barriers to entry for Web3 and the Metaverse world for users.”

Although China bans crypto trading and transactions, the new SIM will be a new gate for the Chinese people and companies to join Web3 and the metaverse in light of the country’s capital, Beijing’s announcement of a plan to develop a $7.5 billion virtual human industry using Web3 technology in the coming three years.

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