May 10, 2023

DBCC, EBA To Exchange Expertise in Blockchain



The Dubai Blockchain Center (DBCC) signed a memorandum of understanding with the European Blockchain Association (EBA) to bolster cooperation in the blockchain domain.

According to a press release by EBA, the MoU aims to exchange expertise between the two parties and best practices in the blockchain to support education for authorities, executives, and students in advanced fields like Web3, blockchain, DeFi, AI, and metaverse, among others.

Through this deal, the Dubai Blockchain Center and EBA will hold bilateral events, courses, public relations, and policies that aim to shed light on these advanced technologies and solidify Dubai’s position as a world-leading advanced tech hub.

The MoU was signed by COO of Dubai Blockchain Center Amro Awaidah and Chairman of the European Blockchain Association Michael Gebert and supervised by International Ambassador of the European Blockchain Association Christian Gleich.

Under this deal, the Dubai Blockchain Center is committed to coordinating with the European Blockchain Association’s EDU DAO Workgroup at the educational level, cooperating in organizing training courses for executives from government and non-government entities.

The Dubai Blockchain Center will be a partner of choice to EBA on projects, inquiries and implementations related to Web3, metaverse, blockchain, DeFi, and AI.

Meanwhile, the EBA will offer training programs on blockchain for students and executives to provide certifications of completion.

Both will cooperate in research and policymaking in compliance with the Dubai leadership and offer legal and regulatory support for the topics of blockchain, metaverse, Web3, DeFi, and AI.

In this regard, Alzarouni said: “The Dubai Blockchain Center remains committed to its ambitious mission to guide on every aspect of new technologies around blockchain, web3, DeFi, AI and metaverse, in line with the wise leadership’s vision. We embrace today’s advanced technologies and channel them toward improving people’s lives and ensuring their happiness. These very technologies are at the core of the MoU we have signed with the European Blockchain Association.”

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