September 28, 2022

Doaa El Hawamdah: Arab Girl Represents Muslims in Metaverse

Doaa El homda

Arab figures succeeded in entering the virtual worlds, topped by the metaverse, over the past period and achieved great popularity in it. Among these figures is Doaa El Hawamdah, who will know her story with the metaverse in the following line. 

Who is Doaa El Hawamdah? 

Hawamdah is an Arab girl, based in Los Angeles. She started her career as a volunteer in hospitals, a paramedic, and then a nurse. Her medical career did not hinder her from joining the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and achieving great success in it. 

Her Start with NFTs

Hawamdah started her journey with her husband, Carter Zaher, when they searched for NFTs to invest in them. She could not find any project that was compatible with the values and customs of Arab societies, which made her think about developing her project, truly representing Muslims.

Hawamdah and her husband decided to establish their NFT project under the theme of “Hijabi Queens & Bearded Kings” to be the first project to empower the Muslim community in the virtual world.

What is Hijabi Queens & Bearded Kings Project? 

Hijabi Queens & Bearded Kings is a collection of 5,000 images of hijabi queens and 5,000 images of bearded kings. The owners of these NFTs will have an access to the metaverse related to this collection named “MuzzyVerse”. 

She targeted building a safe haven for the Muslim community in the virtual world through which its users could learn, play, and trade, according to their religious and social beliefs. She looks forward to empowering Muslim women through her project and making them engage in all sectors related to the metaverse. 

You can follow Doaa El Hawamdah’s official accounts on social media via these links

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