October 4, 2022

Du Telecom Intends to Join Metaverse to Boost Network Operations

Du Telecom

Du Telecom

The Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, known as du Telecom, gears up to join the metaverse world to boost its network capabilities.

In this regard, Du’s Chief Technology Officer Saleem AlBlooshi told the National Newspaper that the Dubai-based company is developing a strong program to launch data twins similar to its data center and infrastructure to bolster the efficiency of its operations, provide better quality and reduce costs.

AlBlooshi said: “The metaverse is unavoidable. As a direct result of this, using the internet will result in a higher level of emotional engagement.”

He believed that the metaverse would be a game changer in the coming stage, expecting that it would drive the network bandwidth in light of the big amount of data that will be transmitted on these digital twins on the metaverse along with the increasing number of users.

Chief Technology Officer Saleem AlBlooshi

The digital twins will replicate the company’s physical operations at the same level of efficiency, according to AlBlooshi.

He pointed out that his company increased its investments in network structure by over 100% during the coronavirus pandemic, adding these investments are not included in the shifting process to metaverse but they help the company to go for it.

He affirmed that any network operator, seeking to enter the metaverse, has to have computing power, massive capacity, and low latency to accommodate the metaverse’s components.

In a recent global survey by Accenture, 71% of respondents said moving to the metaverse will have a positive business impact.

The National reported that EITC recorded a 26.2% increase in its net profits in the second quarter, driven by the sustained demand for broadband and mobile services.

Over the past weeks, the Emirati government and private institutions announced their intention to join the metaverse soon in light of its strategy to offer about 40,000 in this virtual world.

The UAE Ministry of Economy plans to launch its new headquarters in the metaverse to offer its services in the virtual world like the real-world headquarters.

Also, the Emirates Airline announced that it would train 4,000 new cabin crew in the metaverse as part of its plan to cut the role of the middleman.

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