January 17, 2023

Dubai Hosts First Horse Racing in Metaverse

Dubai Hosts First Horse Racing in Metaverse Featured Image

Dubai hosted the first metaverse-based horse racing for the first time ever in the UAE.

The event was co-organized by Dubai Verse Cup (DVCC), the play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse-based horse racing platform, and second-to-none Dubai Racing Club (DRC), according to ITP News.

It aimed to shift the horse racing sport to another immersive level of entertainment in the virtual world. The horse racing platform gives access to its users to take part in the event using their smartphones and VR and AR devices to experience the excitement of horse racing and Breeding.

The game’s developing company (DVCC) has already launched the beta version of the platform but it targets to create an open platform that welcomes third-party users and developers to boost the metaverse-based experience.

In this regard, CEO of Dubai Verse Cup (DVCC) Vincent Isik said the platform brings horse racing which is popular in the UAE to the virtual world, adding the game could be played in a family-based system as users can create groups as families and compete with other families.

According to him, the collaboration will enable us to further develop our play-to-earn gaming model, where users gain rewards in the form of $DVCC tokens, based on their racing and breeding performance.

Winners earn rewards such as trophies and tokens, which can be exchanged for NFTs like horses, perks, skins, and avatars to make the game a thriving marketplace and competition space at the heart of the Meydan Racecourse.

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