October 12, 2022

Dubai Police Launch Ghiath Patrols as NFTs

Giath NFTs

Giath NFTs

The Dubai Police announced the launching of their smart Ghiath patrol vehicles as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The announcement was made during the Gitex Global tech show, being held at Dubai World Trade Center.

These luxurious smart patrols feature a facial and license plate recognition system, eight exterior surveillance cameras, and a 360-degree camera.

Dubai Police launched 150 NFT collectibles as a first set, which are all now owned. Their owners expressed their pride in possessing such NFTs that symbolize values of innovation, security, and communication.

The second NFT collection has been announced during Gitex, which lasts till October 14.

In this regard, Director of the General Department of Artificial Intelligence at Dubai Police Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi said the announcement comes within a framework of the Dubai government’s plan to invest more in digital assets and attract those interested in this new digital trend.

According to him, the Dubai Police is the UAE’s first government body to create its own digital assets and the first police organization in the world to do so.

Razooqi said Dubai Police had launched earlier this year its first collection of NFTs (150 NFTs), a matter which reflects values of security, innovation, and communication.

The primary goal for launching these sets of NFTs is to communicate with Dubai Police and give an opportunity to those who are interested in the NFT world to take part in workshops and sessions in the field of digital assets, he added.

About 22.91 million people from different countries applied for purchasing Dubai Police’s first collection of NFTs which was released during the second quarter of this year. The top five countries were the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the United States, Nigeria, and India.

NFT is a form of digital asset that showcases real-world artifacts such as music, arts, precious gems such as diamonds, in-game stuff, and many more. They are often encrypted with similar software as any other cryptos and are purchased and sold online with cryptocurrency.

No NFT is the same, and it’s not similar to any other with respect to value or property. Every NFT is allotted a digital hash differentiating it from other NFTs. This distinct trait enables an NFT to be used as proof of provenance.

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