October 31, 2022

Dubai to Host 1st Ecology and Sustainability Forum in Metaverse on November 11

First Ecology and Sustainability Forum in Metaverse

First Ecology and Sustainability Forum in Metaverse

The First Ecology and Sustainability Forum in Metaverse will be held in Dubai on November 11, Founder of Satori Me Company Maria Ivina announced.

The forum will touch on several topics on its agenda, including Web 3.0, eco deep tech, education tech (EdTech), and eco-art with the participation of about 18 speakers.

Ivina noted that the participants would pick up eco-media-related opinions from influencers and trendsetters, according to Gulf Today Newspaper.

“We want not only to discuss the problem but also to show how we can resolve it. We will show the work’s effectiveness in developing green technologies. The forum is a platform for like-minded people with a common mission to help our planet,” she pointed out.

Ivina said that the core of holding the eco-forum is to draw attention to Earth’s ecology and address environmental issues using the latest technologies.

She also expressed her optimism about the metaverse in the future comparing it with social media in the beginning.

She looks forward to making the metaverse a good tool for creating platforms and communities of eco-activists, therefore there will be a big chance for holding more metaverse-based events to shed light on environmental issues.

She also shed light on the transformation of art through non-fungible tokens (NFTs), saying they are new and innovative technology for Art

The last few weeks have witnessed momentum in metaverse-related activity in Dubai. The emirate hosted the Dubai Metaverse Assembly, the World Metaverse Show, and GITEX Global, with new announcements by companies to enter the metaverse.

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