January 4, 2023

Dubai’s Aura Skypool to Join Metaverse by February

Aura Skypool

Aura Skypool

The Aura Skypool, the highest 360° infinity pool in the world, will open its doors to all guests from anywhere in the metaverse. 

According to the landmark’s management, by February, guests can book for sunset and sunrise activities, attend wellness classes, watch fireworks, and take amazing selfies with the panoramic views in the virtual space for iconic landmarks like Ain Dubai, the Marina area, Burj Al Arab, and Burj Khalifa. 

Early birds will have exclusive access to the Aura Skypool Lounge by February through the Rare FND Portal.

Rare City, part of The Rare Age Technologies, will take the global landmark to the metaverse. The company will create a digital twin of the venue within their ‘Rare City’ Metaverse using blockchain technology. The ‘Rare City’ Metaverse is built on the Metapolis (MaaS) platform.

In this regard, Managing Director of AURA Skypool Lounge James Oliver Burton expressed his excitement to launch the destination in the metaverse in collaboration with Rare City, saying the new experience gives the guests the opportunity to visit the iconic landmark from anywhere in the world. 

Meanwhile, CEO and Founder of The Rare Age Technologies Ryan Howells noted: “Bringing AURA Skypool to our Metaverse means that tourists can get a taste of what the most iconic venue in Dubai has to offer before even stepping foot on a plane. Customers will no longer have to sit on the two-month-long waiting list to experience the picturesque views from AURA Skypool. They can do so immediately from the Metaverse and, who knows, they may also bump into Christiano Ronaldo or His Highness there too.”

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