March 23, 2023

Egyptian Singer Hakim Joins Metaverse for 1st Time

Egyptian Singer Hakim Joins Metaverse for 1st Time Featured Image

Hakim, one of the biggest icons in modern Egyptian pop music, became the first Egyptian and Arab singer to join the metaverse through Livaat Verse, according to Al Watan Newspaper.

Livaat Verse is a Dubai-based company that aims to provide an immersive experience in the virtual space. According to the company, it is the first Arabic metaverse equipped with fully digital marketplaces and transactions.

Hakim’s appearance in the metaverse comes within a framework of his keenness to cope with the latest technologies, which can make him closer to his fans, including the metaverse.

Hakim expressed his enthusiasm toward entering the virtual space, saying: “I am looking for the future and this will be a new way which the humans will use. Educational entities will be able to provide virtual practical experiences that address reality, which is difficult to do in the real world.”

The renowned Egyptian singer noted that shopping in all fields will be more entertaining and better as the shoppers can check the products they are searching for in 3D forms before buying, adding the audience can also see their favorite stars in a different and new way.

According to him, watching the archaeological sites and tourist destinations virtually is the most thing that caught his attention. “Many areas will benefit from this development, including the artistic field, entertainment, business, exhibitions, and tourism, in addition to governments, so I was keen to take this step,” he added.

Hakim is considered the second Egyptian actor and singer who joined the Web3 world. Days ago, Egyptian actor Ahmed El Sakka released his first NFT collection exclusively on UPYO. Named Al-Fares, the NFT collection consists of 5,555 digital collectibles, which are divided into four tiers (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond).

Sakka will attempt to document his art career through several activities in the virtual space, topped by releasing his first NFT collection after UPYO’s partnership with Arab Utopia.

The Egyptian actor will release more than five Arab action virtual games in which his cinematic characters will be shown, in addition to a virtual museum that will include his history in cinema and television, his personal belongings, and interviews in addition to belongings that appeared in his movies and series. His fans will be able to take part in his virtual games with their avatars to play with him in the metaverse.

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