January 2, 2023

EHS of UAE Announces Launching Metaverse-Based Services for Patients



The Emirates Health Services (EHS) announced the launch of a transformative project which aims to deploy metaverse in its services.

Using 3D virtual reality technology, EHS targets offering medical consultation services in the virtual space, like remote health solutions and telemedicine. Through the new technology, residents can access e-services via smart devices.

The services offered to the patients range between psychiatric consultation services, family health promotion, and customer happiness centers, according to Zawya.

In this regard, EHS Director-General Yousif Mohammed Al-Serkal said EHS is the first global healthcare provider to launch metaverse-based services in order to enhance sustainable health development goals by adopting technologies such as AI, blockchain, and LoT.

“This aims to strengthen governance, clinical review services, and research, promote global ethical standards and best practices, and enhance the sector’s competitiveness to world-class levels. The above aligns with our strategy of future-proofing our services against emerging challenges,” Serkal added.

Through the new services, patients can communicate with healthcare professionals using their cameras, microphones, and speakers without the need to buy headphones or controllers. Then doctors can assess the patients’ health conditions and provide treatment and other clinical services.

EHS will offer psychiatric consultation services for customers of different ages in addition to services for families.

It is not the first time for healthcare providers in the UAE to announce deploying the metaverse in their services. In December, GOQii, an Indian fitness technology company, announced it would launch its medical services in the metaverse in the UAE, following India and the United Kingdom.

The Emirati government, in July, launched the Dubai Metaverse Strategy, which aims to contribute $4 billion to the emirate’s economy. The strategy targets increasing the number of blockchain and metaverse companies fivefold within five years as well as offering 40,000 virtual jobs.

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