September 6, 2023

El Salvador Intends To Teach Bitcoin at Schools By 2024

Bitcoin in El Salvador

Bitcoin in El Salvador

The Ministry of Education in El Salvador has teamed up with the nonprofit organization Mi Primer Bitcoin (MPB) to introduce Bitcoin education into the public school curriculum by 2024.

MPB, also known as “My First Bitcoin,” collaborates with Bitcoin Beach to assist with this project.

The program offered by MPB, which awards students with a completion diploma, will serve as the curriculum’s primary material for the Bitcoin section. John Dennehy, the founder of MPB, confirmed this partnership with Cointelegraph.

According to him, the pilot program’s training will commence on September 7 with the support of Bitcoin Beach. The program aims to educate 150 public school teachers from 75 schools about Bitcoin, providing them with a fundamental understanding of the cryptocurrency.

“As the first nation to adopt Bitcoin, El Salvador will be an example for the world. Quality education is our best chance to ensure that that example is positive,” Dennehy said.”

He added that once the teachers have completed their initial training, they will go back to their respective schools and start teaching using the Ministry of Education’s curriculum. He also mentioned that if the program proves to be successful, it will be implemented in all schools nationwide next year.

He also revealed that MPB is already in discussions with two other Latin American governments about providing Bitcoin education to their students, similar to what has been done in El Salvador. On September 4, Bitcoin Cuba announced on social media that they are accepting registrations for the inaugural edition of their version of “Mi Primer Bitcoin.”

In a recent interview with Bitcoin Beach, community leader Roman Martínez informed Cointelegraph that more than 25,000 students in El Salvador have already been taught about Bitcoin in the classroom.

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