March 21, 2023

ELRadio 9090 Forays into Metaverse

ELRadio 9090 Forays into Metaverse Featured Image

ElRadio 9090

Egypt’s ELRadio 9090 station made its first footprint in the Web3 world by announcing that it will operate in the metaverse on March 21. 

ELRadio 9090 will stimulate its real-world studio in the virtual space with its details to be the first Egyptian radio station to operate the virtual space. The radio station’s move is a result of its cooperation with TUTERA, the Egyptian company which built the first Ancient Egyptian in the metaverse, named METATUT. 

The metaverse-based radio station will be launched during the “Lessa El Sobh” program. Listeners can join the ELRadio 9090’s studio in the metaverse through a mobile app and watch the programs live. After the end of the program, the listeners can enter the studio virtually to enjoy the immersive experience. 

It took about two months for establishing the radio station’s studio in the metaverse. 

The program hosted Somaya Bahey El Din, the vice chairman of TUTERA’s board of directors, who spoke about the importance of metaverse in the daily life and the uses of artificial intelligence. 

The first Egyptian city in the metaverse, METATUT, was launched on Wednesday, November 30, and established in cooperation with Cube Consultants, a Cairo-based architectural visionary studio.

The idea of METATUT is to bring King Tutankhamun, who ruled from 1333 B.C. until he died in 1323 B.C, to life again to continue his dreams for Egypt but in virtual space. TUTERA aims to bring the spirit and beauty of Ancient Egypt to be relevant to today’s trends in a modern and futuristic theme using the metaverse. 

According to Sherif Shaaban, the scientific adviser of the project, METATUT’s Avenue of the Kings symbolizes the Valley of the Kings and Queens. The Royal Road ends with the Great Pyramid, inside which there is another pyramid that represents Khufu Pyramid. The second phase of the project included the opening of the Aten Hall (Hall of the Sun) and the Palace of King Akhenaten.

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