November 3, 2022

Everdome to Launch First Metaverse Rocket to Mars



Everdome, an interplanetary metaverse project, announced that it would launch its first rocket in the metaverse to Mars on November 30.

Everdome Phoenix, set to be launched from Hatta Spaceport in the UAE, is a spaceship design inspired by imaginable and viable technologies, created in cooperation with the project’s space scientist partners. The spaceship will carry Tier-1 Evernauts, who are the first supporters of Everdome.

Everdome Phoenix will dock at Everdome Cycler in Earth’s lower orbit, a 3km long interplanetary vessel, which will witness the crossing of the first interplanetary metaverse community to their new settlement on Mars.

The Evernauts will arrive in Everdome’s city on Mars, located in Jezero Crater. They will enjoy multiple stories and experiences, including adventure, entertainment, learning, and trading in this ultra-realistic virtual space.

In a statement, the Dubai-based project said the rocket launch represents a milestone in the development of the metaverse, noting it is proof that the metaverse experience has a hyper-realistic style and could be breathtaking in execution.

“This launch is the fruit of many months of ideation, development, and design, and we are truly excited to be taking with you these first small steps for mankind into an interplanetary immerse metaverse future,” the Dubai-based company said in a statement.

The captivating launch will be streamed live on Youtube for the audience to see the real potential of the metaverse gathering both web2 and web3 audiences.

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