May 15, 2023

Family Offices’ Investment in Crypto Increased from 16% to 26%, Study Says

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs

A recent study by the banking giant Goldman Sachs said 32% of the family offices around the world have already invested in digital assets, NFTs of DeFi, and 26% of them have investments in cryptocurrencies.

Goldman Sachs’s study covered 166 family offices in the Middle East and Africa, Americas, Europe, and Asia-Pacific (APAC) as it focused on how these family offices’ investments shifted over the past years, according to Crypto Potato.

The study found that family offices’ investments in digital assets grew up by from 16% in 2021 to 26%. However, the family offices’ interest in digital assets remarkably went down.

According to the study, as for the digital-asset ecosystem, family offices have become more decisive about cryptocurrencies: the proportion that is invested has risen from 16% in 2021 to 26%. However, the proportion that is not invested and not interested in the future has risen from 39% to 62%, and those that are potentially interested in the future have fallen from 45% to 12%.

Goldman Sachs noted that 32% of the participants said they have some knowledge about digital assets, including NFTs, DeFi, blockchain-related funds, cryptocurrencies, and stablecoins.

The study showed that 19% of the surveyed said they entered the crypto ecosystem because they believe in the power of the blockchain, while 9% invested in crypto to diversify their portfolios and 8% went to the industry to store their digital currencies as a value.

Around 30% of the holders are from the APAC region. 27% of the family offices in APAC that are without crypto exposure showed interest in investing in crypto in the future. While the Middle East and Africa have 15% cryptocurrency investors only, with 79% not interested in investing.

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