December 13, 2022

FIFA Launches Official Game for World Cup 2022 in Metaverse

Hedera FIFA

Hedera FIFA

Reality+ collaborated with OTZ Sports to launch the official metaverse game of FIFA World Cup 2022, powered by the Hedera metaverse network and Hedera Token Service (HTS).

Named “Own The Zone”, the Web3-based game gives football fans opportunities to win limited-edition digital collectibles and real-world awards. 

To play “Own The Zone”, fans should register at to get the digital match cards for the coming World Cup 2022 matches, which are playable now. Players, using the first digital match card, will be given two of the eight on-field zones for free. 

Once the real game is played, players should own more zones on the virtual game, increasing their opportunities to win tickets to The Best FIFA Football Awards™ and £5,000 every single match day. All the participating players will receive digital collectibles for taking part in the game, however, their scores in the game determine the rarity status of the digital collectibles. 

In this regard, Reality+ Co-Founder Morten Rongaard expressed his pride that FIFA and OTZ Sports chose Reality+ as a partner to launch the Web3-based game. “We’re absolutely thrilled to be launching Own The Zone™ for the World Cup Qatar 2022™ – and onwards to the Women’s World Cup Australia 2023,” Rongaard said. 

Launched in 2022, OTZ Sports is an innovative Web3 start-up that uses blockchain technology to power digital ownership and rewards. 

Over the past period, FIFA announced multiple gaming partnerships related to World Cup Qatar 2022, after its split with Electronic Arts. It collaborated this month with AI State Machine to launch a metaverse-focused football gaming experience.

It also cooperated with Phygtl, a digital production company, to let users “augment a golden-globe-football” and “own a limited fragment of it to attach and eternalize their handpicked FIFA World Cup pictures and video moments.” FIFA described it as a digital representation of eternal fandom.

In partnership with Matchday, FIFA will launch the Matchday Challenge during the tournament, which is a social prediction game based on football cards.

In September, it launched a new NFT collecting platform, FIFA+ Collect, which aims to offer football fans the opportunity to own the best moments of the FIFA World Cup, including epic images and artworks as NFTs.

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