January 16, 2024

Google Cloud Joins Flare Blockchain as Validator, Infrastructure Provider

Google Cloud Joins Flare Blockchain as Validator, Infrastructure Provider Featured Image

Google Cloud has recently announced that it will join the Flare blockchain as a validator and infrastructure provider.

The announcement shared on the X account further revealed that Google Cloud aims to work together with Flare Network to secure the network as a validator and contribute to the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO). Flare Network, also known as “the blockchain for data,” provides developers with access to decentralized data through its Oracle system.

In blockchain terminology, Oracle refers to entities that connect networks to external systems, enabling smart contracts to be executed based on inputs and outputs from the outside world.

Flare recently announced that Google Cloud will join as an infrastructure provider. This will greatly contribute to the network validator and the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) on the Flare network.

As a network validator, Google Cloud will propose and validate new blocks to the Flare blockchain. This will help in supporting the chain’s proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Along with 99 other organizations, Google Cloud will adopt a new combined role of validator and contributor to FTSO.

The FLR token, which is native to the network, currently has a market capitalization of approximately $550 million and is priced at around $0.018. The partnership announcement resulted in a 4% increase in the token’s value.

Flare’s infrastructure providers are responsible for providing high-quality data to help developers create use cases for blockchain technology and promote its adoption. Google Cloud is one of the few entities that offers access to such a large volume of data, making it an important partnership for Flare. This partnership also reminds of the ongoing adoption of blockchain technology by tech giants such as Google.

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