September 6, 2023

Google Updates Ads Policies on Crypto, Blockchain Games



This month, Google will update its advertising policy regarding cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based games.

The update will clarify the rules for promoting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and related products on Google Ads. Starting September 15, advertisers will be allowed to run ads for NFT games that do not promote gambling. The ads must meet specific requirements and be certified by Google.

Acceptable NFT game ads include those promoting in-game purchases of items like virtual apparel, weapons, or armor that enhance the user’s experience.

However, Google will continue to prohibit game ads where players can wager or stake NFTs to win cryptocurrencies or other NFT prizes. Simulated casino games involving NFT rewards will remain banned, and ads leading users to gambling sites that integrate NFTs will not be allowed. Advertisers who want to promote gambling-related NFT content must comply with Google’s gambling policy and obtain proper certification. This updated ad policy will apply globally to all accounts.

Google has stated that violations of this policy will not result in immediate account suspension without prior warning. Instead, advertisers will receive a warning at least seven days before any suspension occurs.

Google expects all advertisers to adhere to local laws in any region their ads target. This policy will be applied globally to all accounts advertising these products.

The move comes as NFTs and blockchain gaming continue to grow in popularity. However, the nascent space has raised regulatory concerns around gambling. Google’s latest policy clarification aims to balance innovation and responsible advertising.

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