October 31, 2022

Gucci Launches First Metaverse Event on The Sandbox

Gucci Vault Land

Gucci Vault Land

Gucci announced its first event in the metaverse on The Sandbox, the digital real estate platform, which kicked off on October 27 till November 9. 

Under the name of Gucci Vault Land, Gucci became the first luxury fashion brand to have its own space on The Sandbox, cementing its footprints in the metaverse. 

The Gucci Vault Land is free for all users, where they can have fun, play, and earn blockchain-based tokens or rewards after completing specific activities. Users will receive one Gucci Vault Box for completing a task and receive five Gucci Vault Boxes as a bonus for finishing all the tasks. 

The users will enter a green space called “Garden of Curiosities” which will be a home for Gucci NFTs. The fashion brand’s vintage pieces are being displayed, but they are not for sale. It has an educational game space about the brand’s products and heritage. 

Gucci also designed non-playable characters (NPCs) in its metaverse who are ready to help players during completing their activities.

In February, Gucci purchased digital real estate on The Sandbox.

The fashion brand aims to showcase its legacy using Web 3.0 technology for users by introducing the Vault Land’s features in addition to attracting non-native users who are new to the metaverse experiences to simply access them. 

It is not the first time Gucci to join the metaverse. In May 2021, it launched the Gucci Garden in Roblox, the same month during which the Italian brand turned the Aria fashion collection into an NFT video sold for $25,000 at Christie’s auction house, making it the first luxury brand to launch an NFT. 

In February 2022, it launched 1,000 NFTs in collaboration with the toy brand Superplastic. 

Commenting on metaverse and NFTs, CEO Marco Bizzarri told Vogue Business in March that “Gucci is not afraid to be a first mover in many areas and will continue to adopt this mindset and challenge the status quo.” Gucci’s strategy was not — and still isn’t — about playing it safe.”

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