December 14, 2022

Hijabi Queens and Bearded Kings.. Attempt To Represent Muslims in Metaverse


In light of the launch of several metaverse platforms over the past months, many Arab users saw that these virtual worlds and what they include with avatars and practices are not compatible with their societies’ traditions and habits. 

Hence Doaa Al Hawamdeh and Karter Zaher launched a new NFT collection, titled Hijabi Queens & Bearded Kings to pave the way for debuting a virtual space representing Muslims and expressing their habits and traditions. 

What Is Hijabi Queens & Bearded Kings? 

It is an NFT collection consisting of 5,000 images of hijabi queens and 5,000 images of bearded kings. Owning one of these NFTs allows its holder access to the HQ club. The club is being built by passionate women and it serves as a network for Muzzy entrepreneurs and creators to thrive. The metaverse of this collection is called MuzzyVerse. 

Who Are The Founders of This Collection? 

The NFT collection was founded by Doaa Al Hawamdeh and her husband Karter Zaher. Both are of Arab origin and live in the United States. They started their journey after realizing that Muslims were not well-represented in the Web 3.0 world. 

While inspecting the NFT projects, they did not find any projects which are compatible with the Arab community’s values, a matter which made them think about launching an NFT collection that represents Muslims well. 

According to them, they are building a safe haven in their metaverse, where its community members can learn, play, trade, buy digital assets and customize their avatars. 

What Are The Collection’s Main Features? 

The collection enjoys 5,000 hijabi queens wearing hijabs in different ways and colors with various facial expressions in addition to 5,000 bearded kings, who have different skin colors and facial expressions. 

What Are The Collection’s Main Goals? 

The founders of the digital collectibles aim to represent Muslims in the metaverse well, setting up avatars representing Muslims in addition to creating a legal community of Muslim men and women on the blockchain, which has its private economy and situation. 

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