March 15, 2023

How Did NFTs Attract Egyptian Renowned Entrepreneur?

How Did NFTs Attract Egyptian Renowned Entrepreneur? Featured Image

Over the past two years, the NFT industry lured several entrepreneurs in the Arab world. One of the most prominent entrepreneurs who were drawn to this world at a very early stage was Timmy Mowafi. 

Who Is Timmy Mowafi? 

Mowafi is a British-born Egyptian entrepreneur, writer, creative director, and co-founder of MO4 Network, a leading Middle Eastern creative agency and media network which includes digital platforms CairoScene, CairoZoom, SceneNoise, SceneEats, ElFasla, StartUpScene, SceneTraveller, SceneEats, SceneHome, NFTYScene, and SceneNow. 

Over the last decade, he has developed marketing strategies and content for some of the world’s leading brands, such as Red Bull, Uber, Four Seasons, and more.

Mowafi and NFTs

Mowafi is one of the figures who joined the NFT world at a very early stage. His decision came out of his passion for the technologies that shape the future of the creative economy.

According to him, the NFTs are a very good mechanism to give creators proof of ownership of their work and help them build a highly interactive community with them, in addition to being a great way to generate profits.

Earlier, he said that a person can make a large income in one day from NFT sales, which may take many years to achieve from YouTube views.

Therefore, he always recommends moving towards this promising industry, as it is a great way to raise funds while building a dedicated and sustainable community.

Founding NFTY Arabia 

In light of his positive outlook towards the NFT industry, Mowafi founded NFTY Arabia meant to be a marketplace for digital arts for creators in the Middle East and North Africa region. This platform is still under development, as it has not been fully launched.

Founding NFTY Scene 

In light of his belief to spread awareness about the NFTs, blockchain, and metaverse, he founded NFTY Scene to publish all the latest news, reports, stories, and discussions about the NFT and everything related to it. It succeeded, in a short period, in attracting many followers to it. 

Ambitious Vision 

Despite the successful steps he has taken in the NFTs domain, he still aspires to achieve more. Mowafi believes that serious steps must be taken to achieve success in this field, especially in the Middle East.

You can follow Timmy Mowafi’s official accounts on social media via these links: 

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