October 6, 2022

Hugo Boss Partners with Imaginary Ones to Launch EYE NFTs

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss, the global fashion brand, decided to collaborate with Singaporean-based Imaginary Ones, a famous Web 3.0 company, to launch the first-ever collection of NFTs.

Named ‘Embrace Your Emotions’ (EYE), the NFT collection, which consists of 1,001 3D animations, is set to be launched in early November. The drop comes as a part of Hugo’s strategy to move toward Web 3.0 applications.

The renowned German fashion house described its partnership with Imaginary Ones as a milestone in rebranding itself globally in 2022 as the company comes closer to its 100th anniversary in 2024

EYE targets motivating everyone to feel connected with their emotions and believe that all feelings, whether they are positive or negative, are valid and should be embraced, Hugo said in a statement, believing that mental health and overall well-being could be remarkably improved by feeling and expressing emotions freely.

Therefore, Hugo will allocate six characters out of the 1,001 NFTs for one of the humans’ everyday emotions (joy, love, sadness, anger, and fear). While the sixth character will bring all five together.

Hugo also announced that the NFT collection would have charitable purposes as it will mark World Mental Health Day on October 10. In addition, 100% of the proceeds of auctions of the sixth character will be donated to the Youth Aware of Mental Health (YAM).

YAM is a school-based program for young people whose age ranges between 13 to 17, where they go deep into the mental health topic, and has been conducted with more than 85,000 teenagers in 16 countries worldwide.

NFT holders will enjoy a 10% discount from Hugo over certain purchases over 10 months.

Hugo pointed out that there are two possible avenues to access an EYE NFT. There are 500 allowlist spots for those who buy a phygital Hugo limited edition T-shirt, which has a QR code that links to an AR Snapchat effect. The remaining 500 are allocated for those who take part in mental-health-related activities announced by Imaginary Ones on Twitter and Discord and existing holders of Imaginary Ones’ genesis NFT collection.

Hugo’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing & Brand Communications Miah Sullivan said: “The metaverse is an exciting new space for fashion brands, one that is rich with potential for HUGO.”

Sullivan expressed her excitement about the partnership with Imaginary Ones to launch a set of beautiful NFTs that promotes self-acceptance.

Meanwhile, Co-Founder of Imaginary Ones Clement Chia noted: “Imaginary Ones is humbled and honored to partner with Hygo and to be the first Asia-born NFT project to collaborate with an international fashion brand,” looking forward to strengthening his company’s presence in the Web 3.0 space.

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