November 3, 2022

Ibrahim Ezz..Walking Enclyopedia in Marketing in Web 3.0 World

Ibrahim Ez

Over the past months, UPYO succeeded in achieving great success and wide popularity among those who are interested in digital assets. The platform, the biggest one in buying, selling, and handling NFTs in the Arab world, thrived in attracting several artists and digital content creators in a few months. 

This success did not happen in a vacuum, but a big team, working around the clock, was behind it to render the first project of its kind in the Arab region successful. One of the team’s key pillars is Ibrahim Ezz, the director of UPYO’s marketing. 

Who Is Ibrahim Ezz? 

Ezz, an Egyptian young man, graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication of Al-Azhar University. He started his career in 2010 in the digital marketing sector. 

He worked for several media agencies and well-known international brands in Egypt, topped by Vodafone, Mobinil (currently Orange), Etisalat, and Amer Group. 

He worked in the Gulf region as he was the head of digital and social media at the Qatari Ministry of Justice in addition to brands like Burger King, Applebee’s, Ford, Lincoln, GMC, Cadillac, and Subaru. 

He was the regional director of As Goal website of Spain in the Middle East and the marketing director of Interact-labs for programming. 

Ezz is a digital marketing trainer and consultant at the Integrated Marketing Foundation, one of the best and most important academies in the Middle East, which has so far witnessed the graduation of more than 11,000 trainees from all over the Arab world.

Ezz’s Accession to UPYO

Ezz’s accession to UPYO was a significant turning point in his career. It was the starting point to achieve the goal that he has always been striving for, which is the entry of Web 3.0 technology to the Arab world, to help them to develop their economies. 

He looks forward that UPYO would be the number one company in the Middle East in the field of providing web 3.0 services in light of their amazing potential. 

How Does Ezz Look to NFTs? 

In light of his deep experience in this field, Ezz believes that NFTs are not just things bought and sold, but they will be essential items in our daily lives in the future.

His vision comes from the global trend toward the metaverse, in which NFTs are considered basic elements in the virtual world, like avatars and fashion. He always asserts the importance of adopting the technology of non-fungible tokens and getting familiar with them, especially in the Arab region, due to their future importance.

Ambitious Vision 

Ezz has an ambitious vision that is not different from the platform he works for, which is allowing the NFTs for all. So he cooperates with the UPYO team in supporting digital artists worldwide and creating a promising future for digital innovation. 

Book a Consultation with Ezz

If you are interested in learning more about the field of Web 3, you can book a consultation or an interview with Ezz through UPYO. Through this interview, he will share his previous experience and answer all questions related to marketing in the world of Web 3.0. 

You can follow Ezz’s official accounts on social media via these links: 

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