October 20, 2022

Iman Mutlaq: Jordanian Women Made Difference in Blockchain

Iman Mutlaq

Iman Mutlaq

A large number of Arab women broke the men’s domination over the blockchain by achieving great achievements in it. Among the prominent women, who joined the blockchain field in an early stage is the Jordanian businesswoman Iman Mutlaq, who has a long story in this field and cryptocurrencies, which we will review in the following lines. 

Who Is Iman Mutlaq? 

Mutlaq is a Jordanian businesswoman, financial expert, and social activist. Born in Saudi Arabia, she received a master’s degree from the New York Institute of Technology in 2007. 

She has a long struggle story as she started selling handicrafts at her school when she was 14 to support her education. Since her childhood, she raised “I Can” slogan and indeed she achieved what she sought. 

Her Career

Mutlaq started her career very early as she established an import and export company when she was 18. Iman entered the financial sector at the age of 27, focusing on the Middle East and North Africa region.

She set up a big number of investment companies, topped by Sigma ltd and IGNOT Brokers. She was able to become one of the most prominent financial services professionals in the Middle East and North Africa region. 

Other Achievements 

Besides her success in the financial sector, Mutlaq achieved other successes in other fields as she became the first teacher for the Art of Living Foundation in Jordan. 

She paid attention to empowering women and supports projects that enhance women’s innovation. She took part in six programs in Iraq to develop the careers of 400 women. She also met with former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton to discuss ways of empowering women in the Middle East. 

She was invited by former US president Barack Obama to attend the first entrepreneurship summit at the White House in 2010, along with a group of businessmen and women in the Middle East. Also, she got awarded as one of the top powerful Arab women and businesswomen on Forbes Middle East. 

How Did Mutlaq Join Blockchain Field? 

When Mutlaq heard about blockchain technology, she cooperated with her team to get acquainted with this technology and raise awareness about it in the Arab world. She strongly believes in the blockchain and its big role can play soon. 

In light of this belief, Mutlaq presented simple videos explaining what is related to cryptocurrencies to raise people’s awareness about this technology. In addition, she offered several services related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies when working at INGOT. 

Iman Mutlaq
Iman Mutlaq

Mutlaq’s Vision Toward Blockchain

Mutlaq positively looks to blockchain technology as it can make a massive revolution and will change our lives because of its several features, most notably, speed, transparency, and low cost.

Golden Pieces of Advice 

Mutlaq asserts the importance of reading the white paper of any project, before pumping any money into it to know its vision and goals. She also advises getting closer to the people in charge of the project to know whether they have experience and credibility or not.

Finally, she always recommends taking time and studying the project in all its aspects before deciding to invest in it.

You can follow Mutlaq’s official accounts on social media via these links: 

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