May 24, 2023

Inspired Becomes 1st Schools’ Group To Launch Metaverse Experience in UK

Inspired Schools

Inspired Schools

Inspired Education Group, a pioneering group of premium schools globally, announced the start of using virtual reality (VR) and metaverse technology at its schools in the UK to enhance the learning experience for its students.

In a press release, Inspired noted that the pilot metaverse experience would start at King’s InterHigh, the leading online school, and St. Louis School in Milan and it will be generalized globally following the success of the pilot phase.

Inspired also pointed out that it would build its Reddam House school in Berkshire, UK, in the metaverse to be the first global schools’ group to do so. Anyone from anywhere in the world anywhere can access the school.

The schools’ group mentioned that the students would do several activities in the metaverse, including pulling together chemical atoms, exploring the human body, visiting inspiring global destinations, in current or historic times, and meeting with their classmates from remote countries thousands of miles away.

In this regard, Chairman and CEO of Inspired Nadim Nsouli said: “The introduction of VR and Metaverse technology in our schools is incredibly exciting. We are committed to innovative learning methods at Inspired to improve our student’s education, and the use of advanced technology is a key part of this journey.

Nsouli pointed out that VR technology enhances the educational process of his schools, asserting the schools’ commitment to embracing new technologies to stretch and strengthen the learning experience for the students

In 2022, accountancy firm PwC found in its research that 40% of VR learners are more confident in applying what they’ve been taught and 150% more engaged. Also, VR was found to be 400% faster than classroom-based learning.

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