August 21, 2023

Istanbul Blockchain Week Hosts Never Bored Ape Party

Bored Ape Yacht Party

Bored Ape Yacht Party

After the successful BlockDown 2023 event in Portugal, the Never Bored Ape Party is heading to Istanbul to participate in the HAQQ-powered Istanbul Blockchain Week.

They will host an exclusive BlockDown x IBW Official Afterparty that combines real-life experiences with NFTs and the metaverse. This phygital experience will celebrate the dynamic culture of Web3.

The Istanbul Blockchain Week, on August 23, will feature the exclusive Never Bored Ape Party, brought to you by BlockDown Festival. This event promises to be a major highlight, with DJ Ape, the world’s top NFT TikToker, and Switch2Smile, the renowned Slovak Pioneer DJ artist, teaming up to provide an audiovisual extravaganza that aligns with the values of the Web3 community.

In this regard, Erhan Korhaliller, the founder of Istanbul Blockchain Week and BlockDown Festival, said: “We don’t just host events. We create stories. Stories of celebration, innovation, and connection. The Never Bored Ape Party in the heart of Istanbul is set to be a pivotal chapter in making Web3 tangible and engaging.”

The Never Bored Ape Party represents the Web3 community, where music, art, culture, and technology come together to blur the lines between the physical and virtual worlds. Attendees can also purchase exclusive Bored Ape Yacht Club merchandise while enjoying the phygital music set.

The BlockDown Festival and the Never Bored Ape Party events, organized by EAK Digital, a Web3 Creative Marketing and Communications Agency, offer a unique blend of Web3 culture.

As a ticket holder, you can attend the Official Afterparty and enjoy music by renowned DJs Ape and Switch2Smile. Istanbul Blockchain Week is a two-day event taking place at the Istanbul Hilton Bomonti Hotel from August 22 to 23rd. It’s a gathering of global leaders who are passionate about decentralized culture and trade.

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