July 20, 2023

Istanbul To Host Binance Blockchain Week in November

Istanbul Blockchain Week

Istanbul Blockchain Week

The Turkish capital of Istanbul is expected to host the Binance Blockchain Week conference on November 8 to 9. 

According to Bitcoin News, Binance Blockchain Week will gather innovative leaders and firms to discuss ways to more developing and adopting the blockchain and Web3. The event aims to tackle how to utilize Web3 and its related technologies to empower the next billion people to improve their lives. 

The conference is expected to host more than 100 prominent leaders, innovators, and influencers with expectations of over 2,000 attendees. In addition, the event will be aired virtually through Binance Live’s stream. It also includes exhibitions and workshops on building businesses and creating successful blockchain-based projects. 

In this regard, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Binance Yi He said: “We look forward to hosting the global community and innovators at Binance Blockchain Week. Our objective is to continue building the Web3 and blockchain industry together, expanding on its potential to improve financial equity and positively impact society overall.” 

Yi Hi lauded Turkey as a strong backbone of the global crypto ecosystem as it has one of the world’s highest crypto adoption rates, in addition to being a hub for embracing the future of blockchain in the presence of traditional finance. 

“It’s a dynamic destination for attendees to learn more about blockchain and be part of the new era of finance as we gather in a leading region of innovation to build for the future of the industry together,” he added. 

It is worth mentioning that Turkey is the world’s second country in terms of the share of adults that trade crypto once a month. 

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