May 31, 2023

Japanese Largest Airlines Releases NFT Marketplace

Japan's ANA Launches Its NFT Marketplace

Japan’s ANA Launches Its NFT Marketplace

The largest Japanese airlines, All Nippon Airways (ANA) and ANA NEO launched their NFT marketplace, named “GranWhale NFT MarketPlace”, according to local reports.

ANA said it launched its NFT marketplace in a move to increase the NFT product line and add more value to the customer experience through NFT commercialization.

The NFT platform will include artworks created by aerial photographer Luke Ozawa. “From May 30, aerial photographer Luke Ozawa’s first digital photo will be converted to NFT. One of them will be sold with a positive film, which is the source of photo development. The price is 100,000 yen, and the NFT with the positive film will be sold at auction,” Impress Watch of Japan reported.

The Japanese airline announced that it would offer the second collection of NFTs on June 7, representing an NFT image of the first Boeing 787 operated by ANA. The second collection will include a total of 1,574 items, and the price for each one is 7,870 yen.

In August, ANA Neo announced the launch of its virtual travel platform named “ANA GranWhale,” which is a metaverse travel service that utilizes technology, including VR, to recreate the destinations and cultures of the world and will consist of three services; travel theme park space, shopping space, and space inspired by the city of the future.

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party’s Web3 project team prepared in April a whitepaper in which they suggest ways to expand the Web3 industry in the country in line with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s national strategy.

The Japanese Web3 team aims to overcome the bureaucratic processes in order to formulate regulations covering the NFTs to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

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