January 12, 2023

Karter Zaher… Lebanese Rapper Represented Muslims in NFT World

Karter Zaher

Karter Zaher

In light of its growing popularity over the past two years, several Arab artists realized the importance of representing Muslims in the NFT world. One of the most significant Arabs who realized this matter at an early stage is Canadian-Lebanese rapper Karter Zaher. 

Who Is Karter Zaher? 

Born and raised in Canada, Zaher is a well-known rapper of Lebanese origins. He is a part of a hip-hop band named Deen Squad. Although being raised in Canada, Zaher is keen on empowering Muslim communities in all fields, especially NFTs. 

How Was His Beginning with NFTs? 

After the wide spread of digital collectibles worldwide, Zaher and his spouse Doaa Al Hawamdeh started researching and reading about this field to begin their investments in it. They noticed that there are no NFT projects which are consistent with Islamic beliefs and values. 

Therefore, Zaher and his wife decided to launch their first NFT project to empower the Muslim community titled “Hijabi Queens & Bearded Kings.” 

What Is Hijabi Queens & Bearded Kings? 

It is an NFT collection consisting of 5,000 images of hijabi queens and 5,000 images of bearded kings. Owning one of these NFTs allows its holder access to the HQ club. The club is being built by passionate women and it serves as a network for Muzzy entrepreneurs and creators to thrive. The metaverse of this collection is called MuzzyVerse. 

Zaher sees that the amazing thing in this project is that it is a way to create a new community of Muslim men and women on the blockchain legally having its world and economy. 

Karter Zaher
Karter Zaher

What Does Zaher Seek To Do? 

Zaher is keen on rendering his NFT project successful to create a space for Muslims in this domain. So he cooperates with the Council on American‑Islamic Relations to promote Islam and change Muslim’s big picture. 

You can follow Karter Zaher’s official accounts on social media via these links: 

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