October 13, 2022

Kharkiv Art Museum Launches NFTs to Be Auctioned on Binance

Ukrainian NFT

Ukrainian NFT

Ukraine’s Kharkiv Arts Museum, in collaboration with Binance NFT, an NFT platform, announced the launch of a set of digital tokens to be auctioned on the Binance marketplace.

The auction, which started today and lasts for a week, aims to allocate funds for the museum’s activities to restore work and secure more jobs amid the ongoing war on the European country from Russia.

The collection will feature artworks by Ivan Aivazovsky, Albrecht Dürer, Simon de Vlieger, Georg Jacob Johann van Os, and other artists.

The displayed NFTs will be divided into three categories; gold which includes five artworks, starting from $1,000 Binance USD (BUSD).

The second category is silver which includes five NFTs starting from $750 BUSD.

The last category is bronze which includes five artworks with a price starting from $500 BUSD.

The museum attempts to cross borders and showcase its masterpieces as NFTs in the digital world everywhere using Web 3.0 technologies.

Meanwhile, Head of Binance NFTHelen Hai said: “Throughout the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, digital assets have played an important role in providing fast, efficient, and simple help to those in need. Together with the Kharkiv Art Museum, we will present the NFT collection which combines Web3 technology and pieces of art that the museum preserves so carefully.”

She wished that the NFTs would catch the attention of art lovers and enhance the existence of the museum.

After a month of its launch, Binance NFT achieved 25 million BUSD, making it one of the fastest-growing NFT platforms around the world. Overall, the NFT platform recorded $40 million BUSD since its debut, selling over one million Mystery Boxes.

Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Ukraine headed for selling digital assets on the metaverse to fund its army.

In March, Ukrainian Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov announced that his country would sell NFTs based on the timeline of the Russian invasion to keep the memory of the war.

The NFTs, named “Meta History: Museum of War,” is a collection of tweets, news stories, and illustrations based on the ongoing war. The collection uses the blockchain platform Fair.xyz to facilitate its sales.

The embattled country announced that it had raised more than $54 million so far through cryptocurrency donations in order to fund its army and relief efforts.

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