August 3, 2023

Kraken Teams with William Racing To Bring NFTs to F1 Racing

Kraken & William Racing

Kraken & William Racing

Kraken, a cryptocurrency exchange, collaborated with Williams Racing, a British Formula One team, to bring NFTs to the back of the team’s cars during the upcoming US Grand Prix in October.

This new initiative aims to increase the presence of the crypto and blockchain industry in the exciting world of Formula One racing.

From August 1 onwards, Kraken’s NFT marketplace will allow any NFT holder to submit their token for consideration, to involve and engage NFT enthusiasts in the F1 racing experience. The submission period will continue until August 18, and from the entries received, Williams and Kraken will select the top 20 NFT designs. The fans will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite NFTs from August 28th to 31st.

The Williams Racing cars will display the top four NFTs with the highest number of votes during the US Grand Prix. In addition, the team’s drivers, Alex Albon, and Logan Sargeant, will choose two more NFTs to add a personal touch to the selection process.

Kraken is working towards its goal of spreading crypto knowledge and involvement to Formula One supporters across the globe through this partnership. The exchange has been actively promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies and raising awareness about blockchain technology among F1 fans.

Kraken gained attention earlier this year by showcasing the Bitcoin white paper on the noses of Williams Racing cars, which sparked interest and curiosity about cryptocurrencies within the racing community. Another notable event was the celebration of Bitcoin Pizza Day, where Kraken sent pizzas to 800 Williams employees, highlighting the significance of cryptocurrencies in the actual world.

Head of Brand Partnerships at Kraken Lou Frangella expressed his excitement about the project and acknowledged its potential impact on both individual NFT projects and the wider NFT market. This partnership represents a significant step towards integrating crypto and blockchain technology into mainstream industries, facilitating the convergence of digital assets and real-world experiences.

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